Sponsor a Log Program

The Sponsor-A-Log program allows individuals as well as groups to help rebuild Fort Laurens by sponsoring the individual logs that make up the Fort's outer wall at a cost of $100.00 per log.
100% of your donation will be used exclusively for recreating Fort Laurens. Click on Sponsor-A-Log Enlistment Form to join.

A Sponsor-A-Log
The hardwood palisade wall provided the outer most wall of protection for the soldiers of Fort Laurens. Nearly 1200 linear feet long, the acre-size enclosure was constructed with 16'Ė18' long logs placed side by side and set in a trench 3' deep.
Cost: $100 per log

B Blockhouse
A key structure for any 18th century stockade. It was the foundation of Fort Laurens providing solid protection and success to the survival of the fort.
Cost: $50,000

C Main Gate
Through these gates entered the defenders of freedom and liberty. Essential for every outpost on the frontier, the main gate controlled access in and out of Fort Laurens.
Cost: $20,000

D Officerís Quarters
A separate residence provided to the fortís commanding officer and his staff. Daily orders, correspondence, and strategies were prepared here.
Cost: $75,000

E Soldierís Barracks
This shelter provided as much protection as possible for the troops serving and living at Fort Laurens against the bitter winter season. The soldierís barracks were built large enough to accommodate even greater numbers of soldiers than actually served at Fort Laurens. The purpose was to house an increased number of soldiers expected to arrive in the spring for an eventual attack on British controlled Fort Detroit.
Cost: $100,000

F Soldierís Barracks
Additional quarters used by the enlisted continental troops and members of county militias serving at Fort Laurens. An 18th century reproduction on the outside with a 21st century accommodation on the inside will provide educational learnings on life at Fort Laurens and the roles individuals played at the fort to gain American independence.
Cost: $125,000

G Corner Bastions
Wooden bastions anchored the four corners of Fort Laurens providing increased protection for the front and back gates and the palisade walls.
Cost: $40,000

H Flag Pole  Sponsored
Located in the center of the fortís interior parade ground. Upon this wooden structure proudly flew the colors of either a new nation or the regimental flags of the Continental units serving at Fort Laurens.
Cost: $2,500